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Missing you  / Your Pretty Rhonda Rhodes (wife)
October 2018 ....I find myself with thoughts of you. I still dream of you ....I still feel your love, your joy, your laughter, I still feel your pain. I wake from my dreams to only discover it was but a dream. Made a trip to Poteau, to visit with Mom/Dad Rhodes, it was so good to see them. We drove up by our house and it reminds me of so many wonderful moments ....on Cavanal Hill many dreams so many plans so many desires "incomplete" They say time heals ....but I find that time has only taught me how to manage the loss of you my Joe W. Rhodes. Every day a KCS blows it horn as it passes by my home a few blocks away and I for the most part smile and say, Hello to you too Joe W. Rhodes, I love you! My heart is comforted b/c I know you are free from all the pain that this life below brought to you but I still feel the emptiness of your absence. I love you Joe, forever your "Pretty"
Memory / Maggie Vincent (Friend)
Its been a long time Joey
Just thoughts of you this February day  / Pretty Rhodes (wife)
"Freebird" high my love
Loving you  / Pretty Rhodes (wife)
My dearest Joe, You visited me in my dreams last night. It was so good to hear your laughter, to touch your lips as you softly kissed me. I have missed you so incredibly much! Your embraced brought a bittersweet experience this morning. It felt so good but yet as the morning sun comes forth I realize it was but a dream. Forever and one more day I shall love you always always your Pretty.
Happy 2016 Heavenly Easter Joe ILY  / R.A. Rhodes (wife)
Missing you  / R.A. Rhodes (wife)
January 2016  / Your Pretty (wife)
May 2004 has been such a very long time for those of us that love you and miss you. We miss your crazy, we miss your love, we miss your laughter. Annie is so very happy and so is Joe Henry both with babies and mates that seem to bring much happiness to their lives. Your dad and Peggy are well ....strong people ...good people...we stay in contact not as much as before but we should never forget the other. Watch over us my Joe and if possible to let us know you are here with us at times, do so Loving you and treasuring all of our wonderful memories of good times crazy times.... I love you forever Your Pretty
Go with God Joe  / Chuck Clayton (Friend fo 20 years )
Wow! What happened to my friend? We lost touch 14 years ago. Please someone email me. Thank you, Chuck
Missing you so much Joe  / Pretty Rhodes (wife)

Friday was my birthday and I thought of you off and on all day!  How you always made me feel special and how you always treated me with loads of gifts and surprises on my birthday ....Wild Horse Mountain BBQ or Fish Cove in Ft. Smith.

Oh how I so wish I could hear your voice telling me, "but I lubbya pretty"

A new friend took this pic of this train and I thought of you immediately and she allowed me to use it on your site.

"Carol's Country Sunshine"

I love you Joe Rhodes and I miss you!

See ya soon!

Happy Birthday Joe 2013  / Pretty (wife)
Joe, it has been so long since I have had the joy of hearing you tell me, but pretty I lubbya, to experience your touch, look into your puppy dog brown eyes! So many changes since you have crossed over to the land of Glory! Joe H has married and not only does he have a little boy, Joey, he has a baby girl. Annie has just had a baby boy, Ryan Joseph he is but a few days old....both the kids seem happy! I know you look down on them and are pleased! I have not heard from your dad or Peggy in a while now, as life goes on it seems distance separates more than just in miles. I think of them often and lift them up in prayer as I do Joe H and Annie and their precious little family. I love you and miss you! You are never far from my doesn't take much to bring you to the forefront of my mind. KCS trains going thru Ashdown, I saw a Camero like yours the other day and I smiled through teary eyes. I found a picture of you and me a couple of weeks back and thought to myself, how long ago that was and how I miss you in so many ways. I know that in Heaven you do not get older or celebrate birthdays, for time ceases once you cross over but here on earth, we all thought of you today. Annie and I visited a bit on FB chat.... Happy Birthday my Joe Wayne Rhodes I love you forever and one more day Your Pretty
Happy Easter Joe Rhodes ~ I love you ~  / Rhonda Rhodes (wife)

Happy Valentine's Day Joe 2013  / Your Pretty Rhodes (wife)

I love you Joe Wayne Rhodes and miss you

The New Year 2013 - Missing you  / Pretty Rhodes (wife)


Nine years ~ it has been too long ~

Sometimes when I dream of you I wake up expecting to find you holding me

Sometimes when I close my eyes and think upon you I hope to find you when I open my eyes

Sometimes the pain of your absence is more than I can hold within

And my cup runneth over with tears of loneliness

Time has moved forward but it is the Lord that continues to wipe my tears away ~ He reminds me that you are in His Presence now and no more pain, no more suffering, no more below ~

I love you Joe Wayne Rhodes

Merry Chirstmas  / Pretty Rhodes (wife)

Happy Thanksgiving  / Pretty Rhodes (wife)


Missing you this Thanksgiving holiday!  You have visited me for the last few weeks in my dreams, they have been so real and then I wake to find it is but a dream!

How I long to hear you say, "but I lubbya pretty".

See ya on the other side

September 13, 2012  / Pretty (wife)

My Dearest Joe

I am so sorry that I missed our anniversary date of when we first met, September has been such a long time since I've had the privilege of looking into your puppy brown eyes and seeing you smile at me through them.  I long to hear you say, "But Pretty I lubbya"....and then that incredible smile you would give me! 

So much has happened in the lives of those that love you and miss you!  Life has continued forward and demands has consumed us in so many ways but forever Joe Wayne you shall be fresh and alive in our hearts and souls. No matter the demands, no matter the length of time, you will always be in our thoughts.  Every day that I drive through this city that I live, I am reminded of you ...all those KCS trains blowing  their horns straight into the corner of my heart that is reserved for one Joe Wayne Rhodes!  Sometimes I smile and sometimes I cry.....

Remembering this Saturday morning the first time you slipped me on the train with you ...what an incredible night and as always when doing usually get caught and we almost got caught...remember the train derailed that night!  Smiling Big Time right now! 

I know our life together was not a "musical to dance to" but I choose to remember all the good times, the fun times, and the glorious times!  < We danced in our own ways >  Jerry Sommers, Mark and Ruby, Patrick, and Joe Henry....oh my we cannot forget Joe Henry.  He was just as much a part of us as we were......cruising at night with the tops off and Ozzy blaring to the sleeping ones in the neighborhood!  We all were on cloud 9.....and then our only two pets we ever had:  Mister and Leonard !  I could go on and on but I must close now, Hunter man has a football game and it is a must to be there to watch this little man play ball. 

I love you Joe, miss you terribly and forever and one more day I shall be your Pretty!

Missing you Joe  / Your Pretty Rhodes (wife)

Thinking of you Joe - Joe Henry and Annie  / Pretty

We love you Joe and miss you so so much!

Happy Heavely Valentine Day  / Pretty

I love you Joe!  There will never be another Joe W Rhodes in my life....never!

Miss you terribly!

See you in my dreams.

Forever your Pretty

Happy Thanksgiving Day Joe W Rhodes  / Pretty (wife)

I'm smiling knowing of all the pretty graphics I could put on your memorial page today, this would be the one you would choose.

I love you and miss you Joe Wayne Rhodes

Forever Your Pretty!

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