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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Joe Wayne Rhodes who was born in  Poteau, Oklahoma on June 22, 1957 and passed away on May 27, 2004 in Poteau, Oklahoma, at the age of 46.  He left behind him, a loving father, Joe C and Peggy Rhodes, and his devoted mother, Mary Starr.  He has two children, Joanna Rene' Rhodes Whisenhunt, and one son, Joe H Rhodes.  He has two grand daughters, Julie Rene'  Real and Linsey Whisenhunt. * Update he now has a grandson, Joe Wayne Rhodes, Baby Joe, Joey ~  He has one sister, Jerri Sue.  And of course me, Rhonda, I shared a short season of his life as his wife.  He called me "Pretty", R.A., Rhonda Ann, but most of the time I was Pretty.  We bought a beautiful home upon Cavanal Mountain.  We had a huge pond and we fished and fished in that pond.  We had two pets:  Mister which was our Golden Retriever and one little yellow duck, Leonard.  He name him after Lynyrd Skynyrd.  We had some wonderful times together, laughing, loving, and being with our friends.  One of Joe's favorite things to do was to ride at night with the T-tops off and listen to Ozzman!  Many nights Joe and I and Joe Henry would ride the same ole streets over and over...and then finally head out for the top of Cavanal that over looked Poteau and the surrounding area.  It was awesome.  He loved to watch the History channel.  I hated it ....  He dreamed of buying a RV like his dad's and when he retired from the railroad, we were going to travel, camp and live life just like his dad.    Joe had such a deep hidden admiration for his dad.  He loved this man with such a passion.
Joe was an engineer for Kansas City Railroad for over 20 years.  He knew how to handle those KCS engines.

 He was passionate about Harley Davidson bikes. 

He was a Kansas City Chief fan.  Joe only knew one course....'hard drive' in whatever it was that he was attempting to accomplish.  He had many friends, but one "bud" as he called him and that was Jerry Sommers.  Joe loved little children. Joe was a generous man, though he walked tall, he was in his own way a very humble man.  He shared with me the story of when his son, Joe Henry was born and that on the way to the hospital  the song playing  on the radio was "Glory Days".  Joe would listen to that song so much while we would cruise together in the middle of the night, the only ones on the highway. And sometimes would weep joyful tears as he thought of his son and how much he loved him.   It was an awesome experience to share with the man I loved.   He loved going to Wild Horse Mountain for BBQ sandwiches.  He would load Joe Henry and I, up and off we would go to feast on BBQ from Wild Horse.  He loved to go watch his  son, Joe Henry play football, for Spiro Bulldogs.  There was nothing shy about this FATHER!  
Joe became a Papa by his daughter, Joanna Rene' Rhodes on September 10, 1998, she gave Joe his first grand daughter.  Oh, Joe was so thrilled over this precious little pink bundle of joy.  I will never forget the night at the hospital when he held Julie Rene' for the first time.  His eyes sparkled brighter than any star in the night sky.  He fell in love with his new grand daughter in one instant, and developed a whole new love for his daughter, "Annie".  We all were in that little room waiting on this precious baby girl to arrive:  Joe and I, Stephanie, Joe Henry's mom, Annie's step mom for such a long time, Karen, Annie's Mom, Joe's dad and step mom, and Annie's Aunt Robin.....there we all were in this room packed full shoulder to shoulder waiting on Miss Julie Rene' to arrive.
Julie Rene' I knew you for just a short while but I know how much your Papa loved you.  He was so proud of you and when you would come over to stay with us, you always clinged to me....your Papa would get so jealous.  He said that was ok because I had a motherly touch and knew how to make you feel good after your bath.  I remember he would lay you down after you went to sleep for a nap, and he would take two million trips into Joe Henry's room to just look at you sleep...He would tell me, She is so beautiful.....

  Joe bought himself a White Camero with Orange >He said RED< stripes...He was also color blind . he bought this White Orange Striped Camaro the day before he met me, which was  September 13, 1997. He gave me my first kiss, a small gentle quick kiss that night. Oh how the fireworks shot off from such a tiny kiss.  He was so proud of his new Camaro.  He told me he finally got the car of his dreams and the woman he had always wanted.   Joe and I married September 13, 1999.  We always thought it was kind of odd about the similarity between our life in comparison to his dad's and step-moms.  Dad met Peggy, she was from Arkansas, she had lost a son, and her birthday was in August.  Joe met me, I was from Arkansas, I had lost a son, and my birthday was in August. 

Life will never be the same without our Joe W Rhodes.  

~ He would have been proud of his marker ~ 
Good job,  Annie and Joe Henry

Our first Christmas in the new house, 5359 Witteville Dr Poteau, Ok.

I love you back Joe Wayne Rhodes

I love and miss you Joe 


 Forever he lives in our heart and never to be forgotten.  



He had a Passion  for  Harley Davison Motorcycles.  He finally bought him another bike within the year of his death.  He loved riding his bike. Joe was a wild child for sure ~ with a soft tender loving man inside.

I miss his lubbya's, the flowers he was so faithful to send me each holiday and on my birthday.  I miss holding his thumb at night while we slept, I miss the way he would pout and sadden his eyes and say but I lubbya Pretty ~ I miss his smile, I miss his laughter, I miss the smell of his Hugo cologne, I miss the cup of coffee he would set on my bathroom cabinet for me while I showered <of course he would peek in > I miss the sound of the Camaro motor, the breeze blowing in our hair while we drove in the darkness of the night.  <  Living In Just our world >I love you Joe, I miss you even so much more! If I could turn back time!   Your favorite flower was a Rose and your favorite color was red, so for you  Joe, a Red Rose:  for you The love of my life.



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